Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best of Beautiful Barcelona

This summer, I was able to visit Europe and take a cruise on the Mediterranean with my family. As you can imagine, I was so ecstatic to visit the places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. This past year has been exceptionally difficult and trying time for my family, and my parents (wisest people I know) planned this trip for our family. It was the anticipation and excitement leading to this trip that helped me along many difficult experiences. As silly as it may sound, I was a very hurt person and this trip was the only exciting thing that I could look forward to at that point in my life.
            As a Christian, I know that it is through the very sad and heavy times in your life that God becomes the very evident light in the darkness. This was true for me, and I hope it can be true for you too. Without my faith and trust in God, I know I wouldn’t have the rejuvenated spirit I have now. Of course the healing process takes time, but it’s a very attainable healing with Jesus Christ!
            Back to Barcelona- Barcelona was our first stop to our amazing journey. I speak Spanish, but this whole lisp thing kind of caught me off guard in Spain. The streets were so old romantic looking, I didn’t even want to blink strolling down them! The Gothic quarter including the cathedral, La Sagrada Familia is to die for, and Park Guell feels like being in Candy Land without the candy! La Bouqeria- Best fresh fruit smoothie you will ever taste! Let’s not forget the FCBarcelona stadium; Just getting to be where Messi(undeniably the best soccer player of all time) plays was thrilling! Please live vicariously through these photos and enjoy the Best of Beautiful Barcelona! Don’t forget to follow!
Christopher Columbus wearing FCB jersey
Christopher Columbus wearing FCB jersey

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