Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can I Kiss Your Feet?

dress: asos / shoes: TjMaxx
So, you're probably thinking why the title? While I was shoe shopping at the department store trying on a fantastic pair of Steve Maddens, an elderly(around sixty) man approached me complimenting my shoes. He was holding a pair of woman sandals, so I just thought it was a friendly compliment until he whispered "Can I kiss your feet"?......I was speechless....until I came to my senses and said "NO" and ran away as fast as I could! Today, something similar happened again. A man opened up a pair of socks and asked if I could try them on. What?! Is this a common thing? Has this ever happened to you? Please comment below!
Interesting facts:
1. Elvis had a well documented foot fetish, stemming from having to massage his mother's feet as a child.
2. Women with size five feet are most attractive to men.
3. You can consider being a foot model if you're size 5 or smaller.
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