Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cartagena, Colombia

 Trying something different, and I'm adding captions throughout this blog post. Let me know what you think?

So, we jumped off our cruise boat and landed in paradise a.k.a. Colombia. 

 It's pictures like these that show the true culture of Latin american countries. I am so envious of the simplicity of life in these types of countries. Life just moves slower, unlike our too busy to do anything (including this blog haha) american life.

 Futbol goal an essential symbol of Latin American countries.

Looked for Shakira... couldn't find her

 Viejo (Old town) Cartagena was unbelievably charming! Just look at these houses, vines, flowers, architecture...gaaahhh. Just breathtaking!

 I would've liked this picture a lot more if these people would've moved out of the way :p

Two pigeons snuggling close to one another made me miss my Josh.

She's the cutest for reals.

Can I live here??????

Ok people, so this is the genuine COLOMBIAN emerald my dad got me, because he simply is the best. My mom also got one, but her taste is much grander than mine. I'll have to upload the pic sometime or maybe I'll just post it on insta.

Like I said before, my Dad is the best and is also hilarious. I can do a mighty fine impression of him if you ask, and I promise you'll leave laughing. xoxo

Dress/ Pacsun: KylieandKendall Kollection c/o my sweet Joshua

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